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Funny romance stories always make for a great time. Romance and humor is simply an unbeatable combination. Being funny comes naturally to many and if you are like me, you have to have some memorized quotes just in case you have to crack a joke. There is nothing to joke about when it comes to romance. It is serious business which can even be scary. I’m sure you have read stories of romance that you did not find funny at all; thank God we will not focus on the sad romance tales. Funny romance is pretty much common in society. There are so many historical romance books and novels that have great funny stuff. Being funny is no laughing matter. There are several serious reasons why you should consider reading or writing such literary work with a comic twist. First, as a reader, you will get to live longer. You will not just live longer for laughing to death but, because of romance that goes with it. Statistics have shown that people, who are romantic or engage in serious flirting, live longer than those who decided to be cold fish. This does not warrant you to go cheating on your wife; it is perfectly okay to be romantic and flirtatious with her. However, the flirtation part might need some work.

If you are like me and do not like large books so called literary romance, you can read funny romance articles just like this one. Romance will be communicated in so many ways including

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