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The Curse (or Blessing) of the Green Car

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you knew you were doing a stupid thing, but somehow you could not stop yourself? Then you would also know how it feels to be unable to kick your own backside, and you are too embarrassed to tell anyone else to do it. I will tell you about this because I know I can trust you not to tell anyone else.

My nightmare started with a green car. If I was the Queen, I would have outlawed green cars.

Here is what happened. I owned a green car. I did not use it that often, because it was my second car – I initially bought the car to do someone else a favour, and that is never a good reason to spend money, because such a good deed always comes back to bite you.

When the road tax disc for the car expired, I renewed it on-line – one of the blessings of living in England is easy access to such on-line services. The tax disk arrived in the mail, and I put it in the kitchen with other stuff that I was going to deal with eventually – no rush, because I was not using the car every day.

Then one day I came home, only to find that some road workers had broken into the car during the day and moved it while I was away. Their excuse? They had to dig up the road – no forward notice of any kind to the neighbourhood – and the car was in the way. The tax disc was not up to date, and although they had the facilities to

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