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Best Horror/Comedy Movie of 2009 – Zombieland

Blood, guts, bullets and laughter – not exactly recipes you’d expect to see together in a film, and particularly not in a candidate for best movie of 2009. However, the film industry has a long history of intertwining the horror and comedy genres, albeit not always with great success. In fact, it can be argued that much of the time this combination occurs unintentionally. While the director and actors set out to make a genuinely scary horror movie, the audience sees it in a different light, finding laughter in the sheer ridiculousness of the plot or the terrible performances by the actors. Trust me when I say this is not the case with <i>Zombieland</i>.

With Zombieland it is clear from the very beginning that the writers, director and actors all had their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks when they created this film. Up and coming comedy actor Jesse Eisenberg, who made a name for himself in the cult hit <i>Adventureland</i> narrates the film, and we are introduced to the film by his character Columbus as he lays out the rules he uses to survive the harsh reality of a country overrun by flesh-eating zombies.

Eisenberg hits just the right note as a socially inept obsessive compulsive who has used his rule book to survive when 99.9% of an arguably more capable population has been wiped out. Yes, at times it seems like he learned his craft by watching

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