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Attract Her With Love Poems: Tips on Making Short Cute Love Poems

Making a short cute love poem is pretty simple: think of your girl and come up with a liner that you would tell every single day. Of course, “I love you” would probably top the list, but this time, make it a little different and add some tweak on it. Mention something about her eyes, her smile and her eternal love for peanut butte perhaps. A love poem doesn’t need the word “love” just so you can call it a love poem. There are a million ways to express it and even a million ways to convert it into a one short cute love poem. It doesn’t need to rhyme or include very high-sounding words. Just imagine that you’re having a little talk with your girlfriend and all of a sudden, you just have this need to be romantic and start reciting a few lines from your poem. That’s one romantic moment right there.

Bear in mind that when making short cute love poems, that simplicity is beauty. No need to go over the edge or to pressure yourself into making something that’s going to pass the New York Times. Keep it easy and straightforward, no need to stress over something that’s supposed to be charming and romantic. Go ahead and get dreamy, express your inner Shakespeare and give in to the corniness and cheesiness of love. Nothing beats making poems to make your loved one happier and fall in love with you again. It’s cheap, simple, short, cute and most of all, it came straight from the heart.


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