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How to Tell When Someone’s Trying to Joke

Here are some giveaways that someone’s cracking a joke.  DON’T take this as scripture, because it’s possible that people will display these behaviors even if they’re NOT joking.  It’s also possible that they don’t display ANY “symptoms of joking” at all.  (Though this is uncommon in-person.)

They may have a slight smile that wasn’t there before, and they may look directly at you, or if they’re not already facing you, they may quickly turn their head to you and back while making the comment. (Of course, it’s possible that they’re just trying to turn their head to you while making an ordinary comment, but I notice that usually when people do it very quickly, they’re shooting out an ultra-fast witty one-liner.)

Listen for their tone of voice as well. Do they make the joke speaking rapidly?  Does their tone change (it either becomes obviously more monotone, which tends to indicate a sarcastic or more of a dark humor joke, or their speech may have exaggerated inflections.) (Inflections are the UP and down tones in their speech tone). Exaggerated inflections tend to be common when someone’s doing an “imitation”.

Oh, and speaking of which, if someone suddenly speaks in a purposefully different voice (such as a nasally or a growly sounding voice), that’s usually an attempt at humor (this also tends to be really common with imitations.)

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