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Jade Goody- Once A Bright Star But Now A Lost One

A misinterpreted and a victimised soul.

Jade Cerisa Lorraine Goody, a British reality TV celebrity. She came from a broken home. Her mother raised her and her brother, all by herself when her father became unable to be the breadwinner of their family. Her father was a drug addict and a habitual criminal who served prison sentences including a four-year term robbery. And, suddenly her parents separated when she was just a toddler. One day, Goody’s father died of a drug overdose at 42.

Jade’s mother, Jackiey Budden, made efforts and strived to raise her kids but had to give away her son as an adopted child to another couple. So, Jade and her brother never grew together.
During her childhood, she was always recognized as a bully amongst her classmates. Her childhood was tough and concocted. High school classmates accused of her being an insolent and was expelled from college after biting part of the ear off of one of her fellow classmates. Due to a disturbed past, her failure to behave in a much healthier way was not so evident and no surprise either. She had harsh times in her life while growing up which even reflected on her life too.

As a dental nurse she was serving at a local hospital that she appeared on Big Brother 3 in 2002, letting her come under public spotlight. The British tabloids made her a target of criticism and ridicule when she

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