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Being original does not necessarily mean trying to erect something from nothing.  Originality can spring from being clever and placing a new twist on a preexisting item.  Taking this concept and applying it to a Humorous Interpretation piece can add the zing which is often missing.  This little twist can be as simple as interpreting a well-known character in a non-traditional way (how often has Watson been delivered as a fat, bumbling fellow until 2009 when Jude Law gave the clever doctor the credit he deserves?) or as extravagant as revamping a story entirely (see the evolution of Batman from television to Burton to Nolan–not comedic, but a good example).  A choice you can make as you select your Humorous Interpretation piece can be to take a common, dramatic story plot, throw it into a chrysalis of humor, and watch the metamorphosis transpire.


Unique. This Humorous Interpretation treatment is unique because you stand to potentially have the only funny interpretation of ——- around.  There is no competing with other Humorous Interpretations to see who has the better cutting and interp of “insert popular HI here.” Most HI’s are found through looking into humorous plays or short stories.  These crossovers are done from love, take an exuberant number of hours to perfect, and thus few seek out this type of

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