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There is no denying the fact that wit and humor are as essential in our daily lives as a fresh breath of air. We all crave for moments of joy and laughter and their presence indeed makes life a beautiful experience worth living. From the trivial activities marked and characterized by good humor to the extravagantly funny remarks that we so often encounter in our day to day life, laughter is indeed a much craved from of joyful expression and there is no better or faster way to provoke and produce laughter among individuals than by listening to or reading funny jokes. If you are one those individuals who look for your daily comic strip in the newspaper first thing in the morning then you’ll be delighted to find out that the world wide web is one platform that is full of free funny jokes and liners to put the joy back into your busy and hectic schedules. Technology has enabled the expression of ideas and possibilities to an extent that we never imagined before. We now have dedicated websites on the World Wide Web which provide individuals with a huge collection of free jokes. Jokes may be of many types and may belong to numerous categories. They may be related to professions such as medicine or engineering or they might as well be a simple humorous anecdote that you or someone else encountered in their day to day life. The basic idea behind all the kinds is simple and one- i.e. to provoke laughter. However, as the internet boasts a humongous database that is accessible by all and varied age groups and thought pools; it is quite possible that you may come across some crude jokes or disturbingly explicit humor not suitable for young adults. Furthermore, there might be jokes targeting certain ethnic groups or beliefs and sharing these jokes in public might provoke feelings of resentments and discord or even worse, might even hurt the feelings or a friend or a colleague. For this reason it is highly recommended that you opt for clean funny jokes instead of crude or dirty jokes. Websites dedicated to providing good funny jokes to their users and visitors focus not only on casual funny events and pictures but also on children jokes and clean jokes that can be equally shared with family and friends without any hesitation. You will find funny jokes related to parenting, college jokes, school jokes, marriage jokes, bar jokes, home jokes, miscellaneous jokes, one-liners etc. Jokes not only help people smile while relieving them of their numerous stresses and strains but they actually help individuals recover their health by improving their moods and general outlook towards life. Funny jokes are an excellent way of sharing joy and laughter with your loved ones, be it parties or get-togethers or whether you are enjoying a tranquil moment alone in your favorite spot at home.

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