Dirty Old Man Jokes

Dirty Old Man Jokes
by pcalcado

How I Ended Up With a Wife 50 Years Younger than myself

Before you call me a dirty old man, let me relate the whole story to you. It was 2003 and I was living in the UK, where I was born. I have been around a little, having lived in the UK, France, Bahamas, Jamaica, Canada, Colombia and a few other places.

At the good old age of sixty nine, life was a little boring. I lived in Sheffield with my sister and her husband in a house left to us my my mother. I believe that she paid about 30,000 pounds for the house in the forties. Before the housing price collapse, this same house was valued at about 300,000 pounds. I was still working, selling PVC windows and doors on commission and doing OK financially. Not rich but I was able to support myself. I drove my old BMW around and followed a few of my interests like garderning, writing, photography and computers. Unfortunately I had to give up my two favourite hobbies, that of flying and motor racing. Apart from anything else, my hearing was going down the drain. Healthwise I was in pretty good shape. Ten years earlier I did have bypass surgery for blocked arteries but made a complete recovery and also changed my eating habits constructively in order to prevent a re-occurance. I kept my mind in good shape by solving the most difficult crosswords and sukodus.

The one thing missing in my life was someone to love and to love me. Of course during my life I had had numerous

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