One Line Dirty Joke

The Down and the Dirty

It is perplexing how most men seem to think that women can’t take dirty jokes. Admittedly, we tend to draw the line at certain things (anything devaluing women can’t be funny…unless we’re talking about women who ALREADY demean themselves – like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian). But we can be just as dirty as the next guy. We may not be telling them twenty-four-seven while drunk on beer and laughing our heads off, but seriously. Women can have dirty minds, and get some of the sleaziest jokes in the world. I am a testament to that, actually. I have been corrupting the innocent since 1998, and my cuteness – in conjunction with my filthy, filthy mind – have shocked the masses.

It might have started when I first got my hands on one of my mom’s romance novels, which taught me about sex and showed me the marvels of innuendo. Or it may have been when I was even younger, when I thought that swearing was funny and eventually took pride in being dubbed by my father (as he introduces his family) as “my older daughter; she’s the one who swears”. Or maybe it’s because I practically grew up in the 90′s, when disgustingly inane shows like “Ren and Stimpy” or “Beavis and Butthead” were the height of comedy. It’s not that clear, really. In any case, I am not at all ashamed to say that I have an entire database of off-color humor lodged in my subconscious,

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