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Adding (embeding) maps to blogs.How do I get followers on facebook? If/when I die, what happens to my blog?

We have a few descendants of diseased bloggers asking for blogs to be deleted. It is a tedious process because there is no help desk, email address or a telephone number available. You should let some one close to you, know your ID and password so that they can remove your blog from the internet after you pass on.

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Level 1

7:16 PM

Thanks and, again, I’m not sure if I’m getting an official Google answer or…  you seem to be retired but you say “We have a few…” as if you are speaking for Google.  Please advise.

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The new Katney

Level 4

8:10 PM

nlind47, the help you get on the forum is 99% peer helpers. There are several tiers of helpers–levels 1 through 4. The levels indicate how often we respond to questions. If you see a level 1, they haven’t posted resposes very often. That does not necessarily mean that they don’t know what they are doing. Most responders only answer questions they feel they have expertise in.

There is a catgory of helpers called Top Contributor. There are only ten or twelve of them. They are very experienced bloggers who have shown over the years that they know their stuff and they are willing to pitch in and help.

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