Religious Jokes For Kids

Terrible and hilariously cheesy 80s Christian kids show found on an old VHS. Casey and Friends Part One. Found footage christian kid show jesus christ christianity parody spoof stupid vcr vhs worn god religious tv funny comedy jokes sin crazy preacher everything is terrible conservative fundamentalist part 2 pt2 hilarious casey and friends colby clubhouse circle square reverend ralph wall psycho prayer church religious spoof dumb bible group funny retarded cynthia is a whore 80s 1980s eighties old cassette tape everythingisterrible bargainbinofoblivion cinefamily web show web series god hates fags stupid christians fools idiots retards homophobe homophobic homophobia sinners kidz teens teenbeat gay bashing disturbing kids show cheesey cheesy really bad awful 80s bad acting crappy campy retro godlike catholic preacher funny american values unintentionally creepy

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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