Santa Bana Jokes

~~~~~~~~~~~READ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Awww, I lost. But I win as I see it…naw jk, I made a few cheesy jokes that shoulda been reworked. The McDonalds joke failed horribly lol. I make these videos for the fun and enjoyment of others. :] – When I saw the contest video that Tehnoobshow released I was so excited and pumped. I been writing a script for a Christmas video but when i saw his contest I thought I should use my planning to work. I barely completed this video just on time to enter it in. I Hope I win!!!!!!!! 3 Items: -Burnt Fish, Used in beggining placed on table by mother -Chef Hat, Worn By Sheman -Banana, given to me by Chad to Summon The Runescape Gods People I forgot to Add in Credits: Monk – Jubee112 – Roxas Oath09 Huge Thanks to these people for helping the most spending afew hours doing so :] – Hoppuetwo – Im Dead 2u2 ___-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-___ ~Ubnub Video Challenge~ What you need to do: Make a runescape video(preferably a comedy) and you must include the following things in any way: Banana(s)( Chad gave me a Magical one!) A burnt fish (on table in begginning !) A chef hat (worn by SheMan 2:55-3:05!) UPLOAD YOUR VIDEOS AS A RESPONCE TO THIS VIDEO I will then select my most favorite vid and give you a most epic prize: Featured on Featured on Featured on my youtube channel I will be your slave for 1 hour Some things that will increase your chances of winning: Take your time Include voicing/audio into your video Be original

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