Sarcastic Birthday Jokes

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile! I’m trying this new way of writting, tell me what you think (: So the rest of this story will be in Nick’s point of view unless said otherwise. Yesterday was great. I didn’t expect my little speach thing at Dani’s school would bring us back together, but I’m sure glad it did. Plus, today was my sixteenth birthday. I had already replaced my old chain with the new one I got from Dani. Now, I just had to wait to see what surprise thing they have planned for my birthday. “Happy birhtday Nicholas” my dad said when I first walked downstairs. “Thanks Dad”. “NICK!” I heard Joe’s voice call as he ran up to me. “My wittle brothers sixteen!” he said, patting my head. I rolled my eyes and nodded. “Thanks alot Joe” I said sarcastically. “Happy birthday Nick” Kevin said walking into the kitchen. “Thanks bro”. “Alright Nick, you ready for this?” Joe said forming a fist. I gave him a confused look. “Ready for what?” I asked nervously. He punched my stomach. “Ouch!” I exclaimed. “Thats one, 15 more to go!”. I shook my head and darted off, but Joe just followed. “NO JOE!” I yelled, running outside, aware that I was dressed and Joe was in his boxers. But yet, the idiot followed. Jokes on him. I stopped once we got far enough away from home. “Nice boxers Joe!” I yelled. He looked down and his eyes grew big. Some of our neighbors looked out there window, our crazy obbsessed with us, neighbor was taking pictures. “I’ll get you for this Nicholas!” he yelled

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