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Being small is great in many ways. However there are disadvantages to being small also. Some people like to poke fun at small people by making jokes that reference their height. Small jokes can be entertaining, but can also be a cause of hurt to shorter people. How vertically challenged people deal with this is important to maintaining self esteem.

Often driven by jealousy, making jokes about a short persons height is an all too common happening. Sometimes deliberately intent to cause hurt, but sometimes in innocent fun, smaller people (just as taller people do) must learn to live with hearing jokes about their height. Shorter males are in a worse position to deal with handling this type of scenario as society deems being tall to be a desireable quality in males. History depicts man being a hunter gatherer type animal, being taller represented more opportunity to survive the challenges that prehistoric life presented. Hence smaller men usually carry a lack of confidence that cause them to struggle to deal with a joke about their height.

Small ladies may also be subjected to attempted ridicule over their lack of height. Likewise it’s important that they are emotionally equipped to have the strength to deal with such juvenile behaviour as using jokes about small people. Smaller ladies should be proud of their stature, but may also choose to be cognisant of their clothing so as

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