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The Brilliance Of Seinfeld Stand Up Comedy

I’ve been a comedy fan for all my adult life. I’ve seen so many different types of comedians that I feel like I am an authority in detecting a comedian who is regularly funny. From the early days of comedy (Jack Benny, for instance) to today’s comedy stars, no one has reached the comedic level of Jerry Seinfeld. By practically any measurement, he is the most successful comedian who ever graced the stage.

The Seinfeld stand up comedy story is an fascinating one.

Jerome Allen Seinfeld was born in April of 1954 in Brooklyn, New York. His father, Kalman Seinfeld, was of Galician Jewish background and ran a sign-making company. His mom, Betty, is of Syrian Jewish descent.

Seinfeld developed a serious interest in standup comedy in his college days, even though he was considered the class clown all the way through school. After graduating from Queens College, he found himself at an open-mic night at New York City’s Catch a Rising Star. Fortunately for Jerry, he was seen by the ruling master of comedy at the time, Rodney Dangerfield (another favorite comedian of mine). Rodney had Jerry perform on one of his HBO programs, which began his excursion to

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